Saturday, 30 March 2013

Arsenal V Reading - Show time

We have a very important match today, we are playing Reading and on paper this looks like an easy 3 points. unfortunately nothing in recent Arsenal history has been done the easy way so we must go into this match with full concentration and as fully committed as possible. I believe this match will set the tone for the remainder of the run in, so we need to play on the front foot and mustn't for a second underestimate the opposition.

We have been guilty of overlooking 'lesser' opposition a number of times this season and it has, quite frankly, ruined the prospect of us picking up any silverware.

4th place is not an achievement of any great standing and we shouldn't aim for it as a target, 4th is the bare minimum. This season we are fighting for our bare minimum expectation. We still have to give it everything to get there. What ever the motivation is to get there doesn't really matter, Nacho and Rambo were saying it was because they didn't want to go down in history as the first Wenger team not to be in the CL. I would defiantly be motivated by beating spurs to 4th and then mocking them for being a bunch of chokers! Lets put them in the sleeper hold! What ever the motivation we need it, lots of it!

We have to win this match and fly into the final 8 matches of the season. Put pressure on the chokers and the chavs and see where we end up. That all starts today against a team we have scored 12 against this season.

I'm going for a conservative 2 - 0 Snipster is saying 4 - 0. It will probably be more like132743 - 1843 which would be a fun but confusing match I'm sure.

I'm really looking forward to getting back into the stadium. We will be having a beer or two locally before the match so give us a shout if you are around, it's probably your round ;)

Later on


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